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Our Vision:

To be a voice for all creatures and to inspire others to care for and advocate for all animals, domestic and wild.

Our Books:

Lovey, the Piano Cat
Who would ever expect such a happy, satisfying ending for a bedraggled cat whose nine lives were nearly up? "Lovey, the Piano Cat,” is a true story with actual photos of the now-luxurious feline and his patient rescuer, a six-year-old boy.
Music was their shared love; trust, their new bond. Learn how Lovey spent the rest of his nine lives returning patience and love to many grateful piano students.

Turning the Tide: How to be an Advocate for the ADD/ADHD Child
Turning the Tide, How to be an Advocate for the ADD/ADHD Child, was written in 1992 by a parent desperate to validate her son’s ADHD. Told he should, "try harder” and was, "choosing to fail,” the author determined to prove otherwise. Karen earned a Masters Degree in Psychology and gave over a thousand lectures to educators, medical personnel, and parents. She co-founded the ADD/ADHD Education & Resource Association to continue these efforts on a personal level. Turning the Tide was written in layman’s terms so that frustrated parents would have the ammunition she lacked to advocate for their children. The book is relevant and valid today as parents continue to struggle for cooperation, Federally-mandated accommodations, and understanding for their children.

There’s a Secret on Sanibel, and Captiva, too!
Delight in the shared secret of the many species of wildlife on these barrier islands in Florida. Unique and inviting, Sanibel and Captiva exist in a time long gone in most of the world. No street lights and bright starry nights thanks to the nocturnal habit of the sea turtle. Whimsical illustrations and a rhyming narrative impart the spirit of islanders to co-exist devotedly with bounteous wildlife. Dot-to-dot pages to complete and color encourage young readers to understand why, "There’s a Secret on Sanibel, and Captiva, Too.”

We plan to release more books soon!

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